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Exploration Licensing

Exploration Licensing

Exploration and mining in both Ireland and Northern Ireland are carried out by the private sector, under permits from the relevant regulatory authorities. While there are differences in the regulatory regimes in both jurisdictions, there are many similarities, and both have a policy of encouraging responsible mineral exploration which, it is hoped, will lead to development of the mineral endowment of the island. Details of the regulatory process in each can be seen on the respective websites or These details, in mineral exploration, cover areas such as:

  • Mineral Ownership
  • Availability of ground
  • Application for a Prospecting Licence
  • Fees payable
  • Exploration Programme requirements
  • Expenditure requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Release of historic reports

For mining, there are, again, similarities, but also differences, in the process that pertains in each jurisdiction.

The regulatory authorities, in furtherance of policies that seek to develop North-South co-operation, are committed to streamlining the permitting process, and would encourage anyone interested in exploration or development in Ireland or Northern Ireland to contact us directly.